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Why Choose Screenfluence

Ease of Use

KISS means “Keep it simple, stupid”. It is probably one of the oldest principles of software design. We stuck to the KISS principle when building Screenfluence. A Screenfluence account is set up for the user once the agreement is in place. This enables users to begin uploading content, creating playlists and advanced schedules using Drag and Drop technology for the smoothest and most simplistic Digital Signage software on the market.

The next step is the hardware. A plug and play solution with an easy but comprehensive Setup Guide

Some of the best content and imagery on the planet comes from the amazing Instagram platform where users can adjust photos with filters and post them to their social media networks. Screenfluence is a partner of Instagram. Screenfluence users can add their Instagram accounts into the platform and use their feeds to display on any screen in their Display Network. Read More about Instagram and Digital Signage Here

What You See is What You Get

Screenflunce pricing is done on a one off purchase of the hardware and a minimal monthly fee going forward, No Extra Fees. What the user gets for the monthly fees are server connections along with unlimited automatic updates.

Training is provided to each customer after the purchase decision is made. Training includes any questions on the set up and a quick guide through the platform. Customer Service is something we pride ourselves on. We strive to be helpful, understanding and considerate to our clients needs.

Improvement is something we always want to push for. We are proud of our product but are realistic and understand nothing in this world is perfect so our clients feedback is something we appreciate and encourage. This is why we ask for reviews on public sites like Capterra and ask people to share their thoughts with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Screenfluence reliability is a core value of the product.

We back the product to stand the test of time with minimal issues. We've tested hundreds of media players to find the right option for us to provide the best product to our customers, while still managing to keep the media player cost effective.

We advise our clients on internet solutions to keep the media player connected but perhaps most importantly, we added a cache feature so even if the internet fails our users media will still play 24/7 on their Display Network.


Screenfluence is focused on user needs. The solution is built to be Reliable, Easy to Use, Affordable and Transparent! Learn More with A Free Demo